Love at the Twilight Motel

2009, 82:30 minutes. Director: Alison Rose

The Twilight Motel is the busiest motel in Miami, where the rooms rent by the hour, the concealed garages have private staircases to the rooms, and the sheets are clean.

Part confessional, part broken love story this series of remarkably intimate interviews softly penetrates the darker side of desire, as sex, infidelity and the allure of the fast lane propel these stories. All are seeking some kind of justification for their actions. Mr. R, an affluent businessman recounts a lifetime of lunchtime sexual encounters with secretaries. Mr. B loves his wife “more than life,” but has a plethora of excuses for his hooker and drug habit. Beautiful, soft-spoken Rose was a straight “A” student until she fell in with the wrong crowd. Richard feels his destiny in life is to seduce married women. In the privacy of the motel bedrooms men and women become candidly revealing, dark and funny, transcending the limits of their circumstances, and redeeming themselves with their stories.

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